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Oct. 30, 2020

The Body Talks Trailer

The Body Talks Trailer

Join host, Rachel Biffin, exploring concepts about the body's innate wisdom. That is, the messages and feedback available within each of us if only we could quieten the "noise" and shake off the structures and paradigms that make it hard for us to listen.

Rachel delivers concepts developed over thirty-five years in the movement world and in conversation with everyone from movement teachers, therapists and Burlesque dancers, to meditation leaders and alchemists and activists. 

The Body Talks aims to deliver you a distillation of lessons and experiences in the hope you will find ease, comfort and inspiration living through your body in this modern world.

Show notes:

About Rachel:

This show is produced by Rachel under her creative services business Etheco Lab

Rachel sips UNBUSY TEA in-between takes